CAT scans for Cats in the San Francisco Bay Area

CAT scans for Cats in the San Francisco Bay Area

Now Veterinarians and pet owners in the San Francisco Bay area have access to Accessible, Affordable and Advanced CAT scan imaging for their pets. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging is a San Francisco Bay Area Veterinary resource located in Pleasant Hill, CA. CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) is a preferred diagnostic tool in human medicine but until recently has not a realistic option for imaging pets. The small number of CAT scan devices out in the field for Veterinary use are in specialty practices and are generally not accessible to most Veterinary practitioners. New technology has introduced superior, yet affordable CAT scan machines that are accessible. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging employs the Epica Vimago advanced CAT scan machine at its Pleasant Hill, CA location. 

CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) or CT (Computed Tomography) are x-ray devices that take many thin "slices" of target anatomy in a study. Powerful processing by the device's computer reconstruct the data obtained and render the x-ray slices in three dimensions. Unlike a traditional x-ray which "flattens" the body tissue in overlying layers, CAT scan studies allow viewing all anatomical details in three dimensions. Information obtained can be analyzed after the study is complete which allows the user to see all tissues from every angle without overlap. The image quality and the information obtained are of far higher quality than traditional x-ray.

Coronal Plane   Axial Plane   Transverse Plane
      Coronal Plane view                                                            Axial Plane View                                   Sagittal Plane View


CT Scans can also be rendered in 3D, and different tissue types stripped away to look at a full 3D image, which can then be used for surgical planning, 3D printing as shown with this Parrot, and many other applications.

3D Cat in a CAT Scan

  MIP projection

CAT scans are useful for examination of the head, including the sinuses and dentition, the middle and inner ear, brain, bones, spine, chest and abdomen and joints. Veterinarians or pet owners can call Veterinary Healing and Advanced Imaging direct for their pet's CAT scan appointment. Same day appointments may be available. CAT scans are generally quick procedures but do require sedation or light anesthesia to perform.

Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging is located in Pleasant Hill, CA. 1945 Contra Costa Blvd Suite B, Pleasant Hill CA 94523 925-265-8385. We are convenient to Highways 680, 24 and 242.

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