Computed Tomography (CT) and Laser Therapy for Pets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Computed Tomography (CT) and Laser Therapy for Pets in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Veterinarians and their patients can now enjoy direct access to sophisticated Imaging and Healing Technologies at Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging in Pleasant Hill, CA.


Thanks to new technologies, practicing Veterinarians can now add Computed Tomography (CT) for pet diagnostic imaging to their everyday diagnostic tool kit. Up until now CT for dog and cats was rarely performed as Veterinary CT has been relatively inaccessible and expensive. Veterinary Healing and Advanced Imaging uses the new Epica™ Vimago™ Veterinary CT scanner, a remarkable High Tech solution that has reinvented Veterinary CT  imaging and made CT for pets practical and affordable. The Vimago™ allows the user to capture regular 2D radiographs, perform Veterinary Fluoroscopy studies (video x-ray for pets) as well as full Computed Tomography for pets in stunning detail. With 3D voxel resolution to 90 microns the Vimago™ brings unparalleled detail to skull, bone, abdominal and thoracic pet imaging. Now Veterinarians in the San Francisco Bay Area can refer their patients for advanced CT Imaging and use the imaging findings for everyday case management. Pet owners looking for cost-effective CT for pets now have a means to obtain the diagnostic imaging their pets need. Accessible, Affordable and Advanced Veterinary CT is now just a phone call or email request away. In many cases, same day appointments are available.

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Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging offers Laser Therapy for Pets uses the Epica™ Artemis™ Veterinary Laser Therapy device. The Artemis™ is a High Intensity Laser Therapy unit. It delivers energy in the form of Infrared light at a unique 1064 nanometer wavelength. This allows Artemis light energy to penetrate 15 cm or more into the body, causing reduction of inflammation, stimulation of healing and tissue regeneration. The Artemis™ High Intensity laser can stimulate healing much more effectively than more common low level laser devices. Pets with inflammation anywhere (arthritic joints, soft tissues, tendon injuries, ligament injuries, non-healing wounds, surgical injuries, burns) benefit from the special healing capabilities of High Intensity Laser Therapy. (HILT for pets).


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