CT for Pets: Accessible, Affordable Advanced Imaging for Bay Area Pets

CT for Pets: Accessible, Affordable Advanced Imaging for Bay Area Pets

Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging, a San Francisco Bay Area Veterinary service, announces the availability of the Epica™ Vimago™ Computed Tomography (CT) machine. The Epica™ Vimago™ brings Accessible, Affordable Advanced Imaging to Veterinarians and pet owners in the Bay Area. CT studies provide much more information and unique ways of viewing anatomical structures from every conceivable angle than standard Imaging with radiographs (x-ray) and ultrasound (U/S). Up until now, Advanced Imaging for pets has been restricted to institutional use, inaccessible to practicing Veterinarians and, for many pet owners, simply not affordable. New Technology has made Advanced Image acquisition for pets part of a Veterinarian's routine diagnostic tool kit and considerably more cost-effective than older Technologies.

Vimago CT study
Capturing and 3D render

The Epica™ Vimago™ is a highly sophisticated robotic multi-modality machine that may be the world's most advanced veterinary imaging device. By providing image resolution down to 0.09 mm the Vimago™ engineers have reinvented Computed Tomography. With Vimago™ CT studies are easy to obtain, and affordable for Veterinarians and pet owners. Soft tissue contrast resolution easily exceeds radiographs (x-ray) and 3D modeling can allow patients to be viewed from every angle: even from inside out! The Vimago™ functions as a stand-alone x-ray, a Fluoroscope (motion picture x-ray) in addition to a CT with 3D rendering and post-acquisition image enhancement capabilities. 

See the Vimago™ Fluoroscope action with the following Swallow Study. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging is located in Pleasant Hill, CA and is convenient to Highways 680, 24 and 242. Visit our website for more information or call 925-265-8385

 3D rendering of a Canine Skull

3D rendering of a Canine Skull, post processing view with soft tissue digitally excluded

With the Epica™ Vimago™ Bay Area Veterinarians and pet owners now have Accessible, Affordable Advanced Imaging options not previously available to them. Same day appointments are often available and CT studies cost a fraction of previous technologies.

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