High Intensity Laser Therapy for Bay Area Pets

High Intensity Laser Therapy for Bay Area Pets

Many studies have demonstrated the positive healing effects of High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) for acute and chronic conditions in humans. Laser therapy is an Alternative Medicine non-drug strategy for reduction of pain, inflammation and a stimulus for healing and regeneration of tissues. Up until recently pet patients have not had access to remarkable Laser Healing Technologies. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging now offers HILT therapy for San Francisco Bay Area dogs and cats at our Pleasant Hill, CA location.

Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging uses the Artemis™ laser therapy device. Artemis™ delivers light energy at a unique 1064 nanometer wavelength. Light at this wavelength is not absorbed by water or hemoglobin (a blood pigment) and functions at much higher intensity than other laser energy devices. Artemis™ laser energy pulses hundreds of times per second and delivers light energy to tissues 15 cm or more deep in the body.

Any condition that results in pain, inflammation or swelling (edema) is an excellent candidate for High Intensity Laser Therapy. Cells in inflamed tissues are often starved of vital nutrients caused by blood vessel constriction, reduced circulation and swelling. Cellular respiration and energy production are stalled. Vital healing processes are hindered; in certain cases healing and regeneration simply do not proceed. Energy, in the form of light, can provide vital stimulus to cells and jumpstart their activities. Photomechanical energy literally shakes the cellular cytoskeleton, bypassing other mechanisms and awakens the cellular nucleus and mitochondria. Chromophores absorb the light energy and photochemical activities, cellular respiration and energy production resume. Inflammation is decreased, vascular circulation is increased as cells release Nitric Oxide, causing vasodilation. Increased cellular activities allow healing to resume and regeneration to occur. The High Intensity Artemis™ laser therapy delivers healing light energy to tissues deep in the body. These actions make High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) vastly superior to low level laser therapies.

High Intensity Laser Therapy is well tolerated by pets. Sessions are relatively short; no sedation is required and the owner can in many cases accompany the pet during treatment as long as protective eyewear is worn (supplied by Veterinary Healing & Imaging staff).

Conditions that benefit from High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) include: soft tissue trauma, spinal stenosis, intervertebral disk disease, degenerative joint disease (DJD), spinal osteoarthritis, chronic renal failure, pancreatitis, soft tissue trauma, post-surgical repair, tendon and ligament injury, spider and snake venom complications, edema, osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain, non-healing wounds, burn injuries, self-induced inflammatory lesions and more.

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High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)

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