High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)

High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)

I discovered a California Poppy in bloom on Thanksgiving Day. Unusual for this time of year. That little poppy seed must have received everything it needed to germinate, put down roots, grow stems and leaves and bloom. In fact, Northern California has had the benefit of early and frequent rains this fall while enjoying sunny warm weather.

Given the nutrients it needed, the Poppy used the light energy of the sun to fuel its cellular powerhouse and flower much earlier than expected.

Like the poppy seed, cells undergoing inflammation are lying in wait of the right stimuli to awaken and flourish. Tissues undergoing inflammation have myriad cells who are lacking the vital nutrients such as glucose, Oxygen and other micronutrients needed to sustain their activities. Tissues in areas of inflammation bank their energy producing machinery and go into virtual states of hibernation.

Enter High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT). Energy, in the form of light, is delivered to cells in tissues that are mired in inflammation. Chromophores absorb this light energy and use it to restart cellular energy producing pathways. Increased production of ATP (the cellular energy source) results. Nitric Oxide is released, which promotes vasodilation and the delivery of vital nutrients to cells as well as the reduction of edema (waste-laden fluid that accumulates with inflammation). Once the cellular energy cycle gets going, RNA and DNA transcription increases and cells are once again contributing to the healing and regeneration of tissues and at a much faster rate than they might without HILT.

We utilize the Epica™ Artemis™ High Intensity Laser device at Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging. This remarkable machine operates at a unique 1064 nanometer wavelength of light. Light at this wavelength is not appreciably absorbed by water, hemoglobin or pigment. This allows for the Artemis™ to deliver its Laser light energy much more deeply and at higher intensities than other devices. With Artemis™ beneficial laser light becomes a new therapeutic treatment modality for internal organs and tissues experiencing the effects of inflammation. The Artemis™ thus uses not only photothermal and photochemical strategies for treatment; Artemis™ adds photomechanical activity, an effect not seen with other laser devices. Photomechanical light therapy awakens cell responsiveness by using light energy to stimulate the cellular cytoskeleton, the carbon-based structure that runs all through cells from the cell membrane to the nucleus. When delivered at the right frequency (wavelength), intensity and depth laser light therapy stimulates cells to arise from quiescent states and jumpstarts metabolism. HILT contributes to faster recovery from inflammation and accelerated healing and regeneration. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging custom tailors treatments for individual patients for delivery of therapeutic light energy to tissues in need.

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