When Would a CAT (CT) Scan Help My Pet (or Patient)?

Veterinarians and pet owners in the San Francisco Bay Area now have Cat Scan (CT) available for routine use in diagnosis of pet health issues. New Technology has made CAT Scans accessible, affordable and more advanced than normal. Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging, a East Bay resource, has the EPICA Vimago Computed Tomography device. The Vimago renders CT images at superior resolution compared to more expensive devices yet at affordable cost to the client.

                     Vacuum phenomenon at T13-L1 in a dog

There are many indications for Veterinary Computed Tomography (CT) but up until recently the technology was out of reach to most Veterinarians and their patients. With the introduction of newer Technology, now Veterinarians can incorporate CAT Scans into their diagnostic tool kit for the benefit of their patients' treatment. Indications for Computed Tomography include examinations of the brain and spinal cord, skull, teeth, joints, abdomen and ligaments; detection of the location and exact size of tumors, (including in the brain, nasal cavity, lungs, liver and spleen); identifying congenital defects; diagnosing discospondylitis, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD); and more!)

                     Contrast enhancing forebrain tumor crossing midline


The Vimago Computed Tomography device is capable of 3D rendering and spatial reconstruction which allows the user to view in great detail individual tissues types and from every vantage point. This allows for examinations that yield unprecedented detail as seen with this study of a dog with a forelimb lameness. The dog's middle toe has mineralization in the flexor tendon of the first phalanx of the third digit.

                     Mineralized Flexor tendon middle toe first phalanx


Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging is a San Francisco East Bay Veterinary resource offering Ultrasound examinations, High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT), Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) in addition to Computed Tomography (CAT scans or CT). 

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