Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Delivering Vital Oxygen to tissues in need


Veterinary Healing and Advanced Imaging offers a unique service for animals in need of concentrated oxygen therapy. While hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is increasingly used in both human and animal medicine, there are only a few veterinary hyperbaric chambers on the west coast United States accessible to animals in need. Ours is perhaps the only one in the Bay Area. While hyperbaric chambers were first used to treat decompression illness in deep sea divers, highly concentrated Oxygen at higher than normal Atmospheric Pressure can be utilized for treatment of a wide variety of illnesses.

Our Sechrist hyperbaric chamber delivers 100% concentrated oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. This allows for super-saturation of hemoglobin and plasma (found in both blood and the interstitial fluid surrounding all cells). Oxygen is then able to reach inflamed tissue that has not been receiving appropriate levels of oxygen delivered from the blood stream.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is typically used to treat severe anemia, intervertebral disc disease, kidney infections, head trauma, pre- and post-op care for orthopedic surgeries, crush injuries, pancreatitis, snake bites, thermal burns, oxygen-depletion conditions, smoke inhalation, fungal infections, parvovirus, peritonitis, sepsis (including non-healing wounds), Lyme disease and more.

One example of a successful implementation of hyperbaric therapy involved a ten-year-old neutered male labrador retriever who presented with severe bite wounds to both legs. After surgery, the wounds burst open and were cultured for atypical mycobacterium. After ten weeks without healing, hyperbaric therapy was prescribed, along with standard wet-to-dry bandage changes. After only three weeks of treatment (when treated for 45 minutes, 5 days per week), the wounds had healed over with minimal scarring. In this case, hyperbaric therapy allowed for tissue regeneration and the elimination of an atypical infection*.

At Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging, we are dedicated to providing accessible cutting-edge therapy options for pet owners and veterinary clinics. Depending on the condition being treated, patients will be placed in our hyperbaric chamber for 60-90 minutes, up to three sessions per day. Our veterinary team is here to carefully monitor your pet through the process and determine an appropriate treatment schedule for your pet’s individual needs.

*"Bruno." HBOT Case Studies. Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine, n.d. Web. 02 Nov. 2016.

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